Friday, September 22, 2006


Tonight begins the third season of one of my favorite shows, Numb3rs (10 p.m. on CBS). Through all the rapid fire editing of the preview, I could discern that F.B.I. agent Megan Reeves, played by the terrific Diane Farr, is kidnapped by some baddies. This alone is enough to draw me in.

The character of Megan Reeves was added last season, along with fellow agent Colby Granger. Both were welcome reinforcements, but I was particularly intrigued by Megan. I think it started with the opening credits, for she alone looked directly at me. Anyone who watches the show knows what I’m talking about. When each actor is shown in the opening credits, he or she is looking slightly off to stage left or stage right. But Megan looks me straight in the eye and smiles, like an old friend. That’s a hook. (Now I’m despairing that they might have changed that for the new season.)

Beyond the opening credits, Megan has proven to be a strong character who can more than stand her ground with an eclectic mix of male personas. It’s to the writers’ and producers’ credit that they didn’t fall into the Hollywood trap of casting an implausibly young bubblehead as the lone female F.B.I. agent just to draw young male viewers. Megan is tough when she needs to be, gentle and compassionate when the other guys aren’t, and smart all the time. Lesser actresses would simply muss up their hair and speak in a breathy, harried voice to suggest such a character. Diane Farr makes this character completely believable because she is an accomplished person in her own right. She seems completely natural in the role, and I’m sure she draws her fair share of young male viewers.

Having babbled all this, I can’t wait to see the season premiere and look forward to more exciting Friday nights. In honor of the premiere, I present my action figure version of Megan Reeves.

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