Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This just in - our Polyvinyl News Chopper has just spotted some suspicious activity near the cemetery. Our investigative reporter "Big Jim" Jackson has reached the cemetery in mobile unit one and is about to give us an eyewitness report.

Polyvinyl News Chopper is touching down on the cemetery grounds now. They are reporting that film legend Christopher Lee, Captain Action's nemesis Dr. Evil, and an unidentified associate appear to be trick or treating. Preliminary reports also indicate that "Big Jim" Jackson attempted to interview the unknown man, but was abruptly cut off...or cut up.

It now appears that our audio feed from the Polyvinyl News Chopper has been terminated, but prior to losing sound, the three men could be heard mumbling something about "smelling feet" and getting "something good to eat."

We'll report back with more as events develop. In the meantime, Happy Halloween everybody!


Farad said...

That is totally *awesome*!!! Great job with the figures - and the figure parts!!! Happy Halloween back atcha!

Janvangogh said...


I think that Dr. John's little town of Pigeon Falls (in his backyard) could use a few of your action figures. Especially the the men from UNCLE. They have alot of little mysteries that need solving in the small town in the UP of Michigan.

Just surfing some blogs and came across yours via Minxknits post from Blogging Project Runway.